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For those seeking top-quality dentures in Canton, Ohio, Said Dental offers a blend of expertise and personalized care. Our commitment is to provide you with a solution that enhances your smile and boosts your confidence. With Dr. Bassem Said’s individualized approach, you’re not just another patient but a valued member of our dental family. 

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Our Comprehensive Denture Solutions in Canton, OH

Proper care and maintenance of dentures are crucial not only for the longevity of the prosthetic but also for the health of the oral cavity. At Said Dental, we emphasize the importance of regular denture care to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

Just like natural teeth, dentures are susceptible to plaque, tartar, and staining. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of these elements, ensuring the denture remains fresh and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, clean dentures contribute to good oral hygiene, preventing gum diseases and infections.

Tips for At-Home Care

  • Rinse dentures after every meal to remove food particles.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive denture cleaner to clean them daily.
  • Soak dentures overnight in a denture-cleaning solution to keep them moist and maintain their shape.
  • Avoid using hot water, which can warp the dentures.

Exams and Maintenance

Dental exams and maintenance are pivotal to ensure the longevity and comfort of your dentures.

  • Importance of Regular Check-Ups: Regular dental visits allow for early detection of any issues with the dentures, ensuring timely interventions. It also provides an opportunity to examine the oral tissues for signs of diseases or abnormalities.
  • Ensuring the Best Fit and Functionality: Over time, the shape of the mouth can change, leading to dentures that no longer fit perfectly. Regular adjustments ensure a snug fit, preventing discomfort and potential sores.

Denture Relines, Rebase, and Repairs

  • Relines: As the gum tissues change over time, the denture may not fit as snugly. Relining involves adding a new layer to the tissue side of a denture to ensure a proper fit. It’s recommended every one to two years.
  • Rebase: This involves replacing the entire denture base, providing a stable platform for the existing teeth. It’s a solution for old, cracked, or broken denture bases.
  • Repairs: Breaks, cracks, or chips in the denture can be repaired, restoring the denture’s functionality and appearance.

Soft Liners for Dentures

Soft liners act as a cushion or shock absorber between the hard plastic base of a denture and the oral tissues. They offer increased comfort, especially for patients with sensitive gums or bony ridges. Therefore, soft liners are ideal for patients with chronic soreness, gum atrophy, or those who have undergone jawbone resection

Soft Liners

Soft LinerA soft liner is a layer of soft, pliable material that is fitted between the surface of a denture and your oral tissues. It absorbs shock between the hard base of your denture and your gums. Soft liners can be used when creating new dentures or retrofitted into existing dentures.

Permanent soft liners provide comfort and relief for individuals with receded and flattened gum tissues that don’t respond well to the stress of dentures. They may also be a suitable solution for patients with chronically sore gum tissues or gums with sharp bony areas.


  • More comfortable to use
  • Virtually all patients respond well to soft liner materials
  • Easier chewing
  • A proven technology with over 20 years of innovation

Soft liners require regular follow-up visits with Said Dental to examine the fit of dentures and general oral health.


The Foremost Denture expert in canton, ohio: Dr. Bassem Said

In the intricate world of dentistry, certain professionals stand out not just for their technical prowess but also for their dedication to patient care. Dr. Bassem Said is one such luminary, blending unparalleled expertise with a genuine passion for restoring smiles. His approach is characterized by:

  • Unwavering Commitment: Dr. Bassem Said’s dedication is evident in every procedure he undertakes. He has years of experience ensuring patients receive top-tier denture care tailored to their unique needs.
  • Continuous Learning: Dentistry is dynamic, and Dr. Said is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements. This dedication ensures that his patients always benefit from the most up-to-date and effective denture solutions.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Dr. Said recognizes the uniqueness of every patient’s dental journey. He invests time in understanding individual requirements, ensuring that the denture solutions crafted align perfectly with each patient’s aspirations.

Said Dental – Personalized Dental Services in Canton, Ohio

Every patient’s dental journey begins with a thorough consultation. We delve deep into understanding your needs, ensuring that our proposed solutions are tailored just for you. Additionally, our clinic boasts the latest in dental technology, ensuring precision in every procedure. This technological edge, combined with our expertise, guarantees impeccable results, whether dentures, cosmetic enhancements, or preventive care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Beyond dentures, we offer various cosmetic dentistry services, from teeth whitening to veneers, ensuring that every smile we craft is radiant and confident.

Preventive Care

As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Our preventive dentistry services, including regular check-ups and cleanings, are designed to keep dental issues at bay and ensure long-lasting oral health.

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For those searching for top-quality dentures in Canton, Ohio, the journey to a confident and radiant smile begins with Said Dental. Our comprehensive approach and Dr. Bassem Said’s expertise ensures that every patient receives personalized and effective denture solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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