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Unveil the confidence hidden behind stained teeth with a radiant smile. At Said Dental, we promise a transformation by achieving whiter teeth and elevating your smile with our cutting-edge whitening solutions.

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Personalized Teeth Whitening Solutions in Canton, OH

While the market is saturated with over-the-counter whitening products, nothing quite compares to the results achieved by our professional teeth whitening services. Here’s why:

Personalized Service

Achieving a pristine white smile has never been more attainable. With our advanced treatments and comprehensive approach, we ensure each patient gets the best teeth whitening experience tailored to their needs. 

We combine modern techniques with a deep understanding of dental aesthetics. From removing discolorations to eradicating stubborn stains, our treatments guarantee an impressive transformation. Your dental health journey doesn’t stop at teeth whitening. 

State-of-the-Art Whitening Technology

Using top-tier technology suitable for a wide variety of teeth conditions, our teeth whitening treatments promise remarkable results without compromising your dental health. At Said Dental, we provide innovative dental experience with advanced bleaching agents that ensure safe stain removal and quick and non-invasive techniques.

Professional and Top-Notch Whitening Solutions

External factors, lifestyle habits, and genetic predispositions can taint the natural brilliance of our teeth. Combat these undesired effects with our top-notch whitening solutions. We provide:

  • Customized whitening treatments for personalized results
  • Solutions catered for both in-home and in-clinic applications
  • Assured safety and maximum comfort

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Whiten Your Teeth With Dr. Bassem S. Said

Choosing Dr. Bassem S. Said for teeth whitening in Canton, OH, is an investment in more than just a brighter smile. He is genuinely dedicated to patient care and obtaining optimal results. Every treatment under Dr. Said’s watch is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Choosing Dr. Said as a teeth whitening dentist means trusting in a legacy of quality dental care and genuine concern for patient satisfaction. Your radiant smile deserves nothing less.

Our Post-Whitening Care Tips For Your Whitened Teeth

To maintain the pristine effects of the whitening treatment, we offer the following post-whitening care tips:

  • Avoid staining foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and berries for a few days post-treatment.
  • Refrain from smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Maintain a strict oral hygiene regimen, including regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings.

Brighten Your Smile Now: Book Your Teeth Whitening Appointment in Canton, OH

When it comes to teeth whitening in Canton, OH, Said Dental provides premier dental care and transformative results. Dr. Said’s commitment to exceptional service and outstanding outcomes shines through with every smile we brighten. So, request an appointment today and embrace the transformation that a brighten teeth brings.


What is the difference between professional teeth whitening and OTC products?

Professional teeth whitening is different from over-the-counter at-home products in the following manner:

  • It’s a dental procedure performed by trained professionals in a dental chair .
  • It produces better results because dentists provide higher concentrations of bleaching gel that whiten teeth.

On the other hand, over-the-counter at-home products are different from professional whitening because: 

  • They’re a do-it-yourself alternative.
  • They’re typically less expensive, and they provide the convenience of doing it yourself rather than making an appointment with a dentist. 
  • They’re less effective than professional procedures. 

How long does it take to see results?

After the initial 24 hours, the full results of tooth whitening are typically visible. On the other hand, at-home whitening kits can take longer for results, typically several weeks, due to their lower concentration of whitening ingredients.

How long do the results last?

The amount of time you can expect professional whitening to last depends on the type of whitener you use. Your lifestyle choices also have an impact. But typically, the benefits of tooth whitening may last anywhere from 6 months to 2-3 years. Within that duration, you can smile bright and with confidence.

Smoking is one of the things that will quickly discolor your teeth and make the effects of whitening temporary. Tooth whitening treatments are intended to reduce stains rather than repel them. 

So, at-home products and dental procedures will last longer if you practice good oral hygiene and clean your teeth.